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Cara Membuat Link Pendaftaran / Registrasi di Zoom

Bagaimana Membuat atau Mengatur Agar Peserta Zoom Melakukan Pendaftaran / Registrasi Secara Otomatis

Pertama. Login ke Zoom

Di Masuk ke akun Zoom Anda dari website. Jangan dari aplikasi HP. Karena menu yang paling lengkap ada di Website

Kedua. Buat room meeting

Masuk ke menu Meeting. Schedule a New Meeting atau edit meeting.

Di area Registration. Centang kolom Required

Lalu save

Ketiga. Setelah save. Akan keluar tab Registration dan Branding

Manage attendees untuk melihat peserta yang sudah daftar. Anda dapat email juga untuk notifikasi.

Set automatic approcal untuk secara otomatis setiap pendaftar juga mendapatkan link untuk ikut acara zoom meeting.


Untuk mengubah banner dan logo. Silakan upload gambar yang Anda inginkan.

Tambahkan deskripsi untuk keterangan mengenai event Anda.


Rare Opportunities that We Can Find in the Event Industry


Nowadays, there are many people from a specific industry such as an event who wants to find rare opportunities while working to make some improvements in their career.

Of course, these rare opportunities below can’t be found unless they’re willing to keep learning from their jobs.

That’s why this article will describe a little about some rare opportunities that we can find in the event industry below.

Connected with Important People

Sometimes, we can meet and connect with certain people who influenced society. For example, president, CEO, celebrities until politicians often considered as important people in the event industry.

Handle Big Events

If we already reach a certain level in the industry, handle large-scale events like Olympics, World Cup, Coachella, WTF and many more will not become an impossible thing to do.

Become a Part of Unforgettable Event

After handling a large-scale event, automatically we also become part of it and keep that moment as a priceless experience.

Reaching the “Peak of Success” in Career

Last but not least, we can reach the “Peak of Success” in the event industry when completing every client’s expectation without fail.


The conclusion, if we’re working for the event industry, these rare opportunities will come anytime.



Become an Early Adopter in the Event Industry


In these days, many things considered as new and caught people’s attention. Including the one who is working in the event industry right now.

Because of that, changes are coming. So, he or she must become an early adopter in the industry by doing a few ways below.

Find, Try and Use the Latest Tools

Whether it’s online or not, the latest tools will help them to learn, practice and gain more perspective about the future of the event industry.

Be Open to Every Idea

Ideas that emerge from creativity is essential for those who are working as event planners.

Because ideas are important, they must keep an open mind and willing to take the risk if all of them decide to do it.

Understand People Needs

Sometimes, what they need to do first is talk to their clients and be attentive about things that they want from an event before taking the next step.

Take Initiative

People won’t do anything further if the leader or one of them is not making the big move.

That’s why. Whenever it needs, they should take initiative to become more adaptable and productive in the fast-paced industry.


With these 4 simple ways, people will be able to become early adopters in the event industry.


Ketahui 5 Hal Ini Saat Akan Sewa Tenda Untuk Acara

Dalam suatu acara seperti hajatan, bazar, acara pernikahan dan event tertentu memerlukan banyak hal yang perlu dipersiapkan untuk memenyambut hari penting bagi negara Indonesia. Salah satu hal yang diperluakan saat akan mengadakan suatu acara outdoor yaitu, tenda. Tenda biasa dibutuhkan untuk acara yang diadakan di luar ruangan.

Biasanya tenda diperlukan untuk tempat berteduh dari cuaca luar yang sulit untuk diprediksi. Kebutuhan tenda pada acara tertentu membuat banyaknya permintaan sewa tenda.

Sebelum sewa tenda, ada beberapa hal yang perlu diketahui seperti berikut ini:

  1. Ukuran Tenda yang Diperlukan

Hal utama yang perlu diketahui sebelum sewa tenda yaitu, ukuran tenda yang diperlukan. Pertama, tentukan berapa luas tenda yang dibutuhkan dan tinggi tenda yang diperlukan. Sesuaikan luas serta tinggi tenda dengan tema acara, kapasitas, serta tempat acara Anda. Dalam hal ini Anda perlu mengkonsultasikannya kepada pihak penyedia sewa tenda.

  1. Luas Tempat Acara

Luas tempat acara menjadi hal yang wajib untuk diketahui sebelum sewa tenda. Ukurlah luas tempat acara dan diskusikan ke pihak penyedia sewa tenda. Ukuran luas tempat acara nanti akan berpengaruh pada ukuran, kapasitas, dan jenis tenda yang dibutuhkan.

  1. Jenis Tenda yang Dibutuhkan

Terdapat beberapa jenis tenda yang memiliki fungsi yang berbeda pula. Misalnya tenda untuk pernikahan dengan tenda untuk acara pameran akan jauh berbeda jenisnya. Tentukan jenis tenda yang sesuai dengan acara Anda dan konsultasikan acara Anda pada pihak penyedia sewa tenda.

  1. Kapasitas Tamu yang Dapat Ditampung

Perlu diperhatikan kapasitas atau daya tampung untuk para tamu undangan atau pengunjung acara Anda. Jumlah tamu atau pengunjung acara Anda akan berpengarih pada ukuran tenda  serta jenis tenda yang Anda butuhkan. Selain itu, menentukan jumlah tamu atau pengunjung yang datang akan mempengaruhi pertimbangan luas tempat acara yang Anda butuhkan.

  1. Vendor Sewa Tenda

Pemilihan vendor untuk sewa tenda juga perlu diperhatikan. Pilihlah vendor penyedia sewa tenda yang sudah berpengalaman dan mengerti kebutuhan acara Anda. Pastikan agenda pemasangan tenda sesuai dengan yang Anda harapkan. Pertimbangkan ketepatan waktu pemasangan tenda agar sesuai dengan jadwal acara Anda.

Itu dia beberapa hal yang wajib untuk diketahui sebelum Anda sewa tenda untuk mengadakan suatu acara atau event. Pastikan 5 hal diatas sebelum anda menyewa tenda menjelang acara atau event.


What Makes An Event Unique?


In 2019, many events being held and will be held in several countries such as America, Russia, Germany, England, Hong Kong, South Africa, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore until Indonesia. These events, whether it’s a concert, fan meeting, political meeting, workshop or another can bring excitement for those who had their eyes upon it.

Of course. Not all events will become popular in people’s eyes this year but, for some events that widely known later, many things make them unique. Few will be mentioned below.

1. Comfortable Venue

This is a must! If the venue is not good and comfortable enough for the majority of people, they will be disappointed. As an Event Organizer or Planner, surely you won’t like this thing to happen in your event, right?

2. Important Guest

Celebrity is not the only option. We can invite businessmen, models, motivators, religious leaders, comedians, activists until politicians.

3. Interesting Activities

Plain talking sounds boring so, we need to modify and add more activities to our event. Activities that make people interacting with each other.

4. Full of Benefits

What is the main purpose of an event? Will it bring some real benefits for those who attend it according to their own needs? Is this event catch up with their expectations? If we’re not thinking or even making some plans to bring it yet, we should hurry up.


Creating a useful, exciting and meaningful event could be very challenging sometimes but, if we made it successfully, we will feel relieved, grateful and happy.